Dantec Keypoint® electromyography (EMG) / evoked potentials (EP) systems are recognized worldwide for their superior amplifiers, stimulators, and outstanding signal quality. The Keypoint is the instrument of choice for advanced neurodiagnostic applications such as Single Fiber EMG, Quantitative EMG, visual and auditory evoked potentials, as well as routine Nerve Conduction studies. The new Keypoint G4 provides ergonomic improvements as well, including a 22-inch articulating monitor, a flexible arm, and a portable control panel.

The Keypoint system is also available with all desired applications in a portable laptop configuration. 


Stellate develops digital EEG systems and neurophysiological instruments for diagnostics and research in neurology, epileptology, sleep studies, and related fields.


The Dantec CLAVIS™ hand-held EMG/STIM device was developed to provide muscle and nerve localization information to assist with botulinum toxin injections. It is perfectly matched for use with the Alpine Bo-ject™ hypodermic needle electrodes. 


MagPro is a non-invasive magnetic stimulation system designed for clinical examinations and research applications within neurophysiology, neurology, rehabilitation and psychiatry.


The Alpine brand of Neurodiagnostic Accessories includes an extensive variety of needle and surface electrodes, cables, and adapters for use with the Keypoint or any EMG machine. Alpine’s high quality concentric, monopolar, and hypodermic needle electrodes are available in a choice of materials, adding flexibility to the physicians’ practice. Also available outside the US are electrodes and caps for EEG, and EP applications.